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Navigate Life on the Road with a Pet: Tips for Digital Nomads

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Guest blog by Jessica Brody of Our Best Friends

Have you always dreamed of becoming a digital nomad? The experience of setting out on your own and seeing the world is unmatched. And if you can earn enough money working online to cover your travel expenses and even save a little something for the future, even better! But what if you have a pet? Is it possible to live and work as a digital nomad with a pet by your side? With good planning and the right resources, it is! Check out the following tips to prepare yourself and your four-legged friend for your next big adventure.

Life on the Road with a Pet

Photo by Toni Tan on Unsplash

Print and Pack Business Cards

Although you likely do most of your work online, business cards can still be an effective way to market yourself to potential clients. Handing out business cards to people you meet at co-working spaces, networking events, and tourist attractions is a great way to make a professional impression and provide a tangible way for them to remember and contact you.

Design and print some business cards before leaving on your trip. You can make a number of business cards in minutes with the help of free online business card markers. Designing your own cards is simple when you use pre-designed templates and add your own custom text and elements. You can even design on your phone or tablet!

Choose Pet-Friendly Locations

Traveling with a dog is much easier if you choose pet-friendly destinations. Look for cities that are generally welcoming toward dogs, featuring pet-friendly restaurant patios, cafes, and public transit. lists several great pet-friendly travel options in the US, including Seattle, Sedona, Colorado Springs, and Philadelphia. If you’re looking for international escapes, try Barcelona, Spain; Vancouver Island, Canada; Melbourne, Australia; and Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Purchase Pet Insurance

Travel insurance will protect you whether you’re traveling around the country or embarking on an adventure abroad. But what about your furry friend? Consider investing in pet insurance to ensure your pet can access veterinary care when you’re far from home. Just make sure your pet insurance policy will cover your trip. Look for pet insurance review websites that break down coverage details and compare different plans to help you make the best decision. Even with pet insurance, take preventive steps to keep your pet healthy, like administering flea and tick preventatives and staying up to date on recommended vaccinations.

Pack Stimulating Pet Toys

The lifestyle of a digital nomad is a busy one. To ensure you have time to explore every new city you visit, look for ways to keep your pet occupied so you can work productively. Food puzzles, interactive treat-dispensing toys, and chew toys are great! These toys will serve as a fantastic source of mental stimulation to help keep your pet happy and entertained while you’re working. Packing light? Bring your dog’s favorite treats and hide them around your rental so they can play games of hide and seek!

Take Regular Breaks from Work

Even if your dog is happy playing with their toys alone, try to take regular breaks from work to play together or head outside for a walk. Scheduling breaks will also improve your productivity! We Work Remotely explains that breaks are important for maintaining focus and concentration as well as avoiding decision fatigue. But not all breaks are equal. Certain breaks, such as those involving online shopping, scrolling on social media, and chugging caffeine, can actually hurt your productivity. Taking breaks to walk outside or play with your dog are ideal productive timeouts.

Working and traveling with your pet is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but it’s important to be prepared and plan ahead to ensure everything goes smoothly on the road. Print business cards to hand out on your travels, stick to pet-friendly destinations, invest in pet insurance, and pack toys to keep your pup happy. Careful planning will ensure both you and your pet enjoy the digital nomad lifestyle!


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