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Be A Good Neighbor With These Dog Etiquette Tips!

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Guest blog by Jessica Brody of Our Best Friends

Our four-legged friends are capable of quickly creating strenuous relationships with our neighbors. Non-stop barking, unwelcome visits, and mischievous behavior can potentially drive your neighbors up the wall, but here are some steps you can take to be a conscientious dog-owning neighbor and achieve peace over and beyond your fence.

Adjusting to your new pooch

Unruly Barking

Some of your neighbors may be remote workers or run businesses from their homes, or they may work overnight shifts. For these people, silence is golden. Unfortunately, when you’re not around, you aren’t able to monitor the level of barking.

The Humane Society says that there are six ways to control your dog’s barking. You will need to be patient with your dog, as these techniques take some time. It is best if your pooch stays inside when you are alway, but if that’s not possible, don’t be afraid to share one or two tips with your neighbors should they feel the need to come out during the day and quiet down your pet.

Install A Fence

A proper fence will keep your dog from paying unwanted visits next door. Apart from making sure your pet is safe when you’re away from home, a well-installed fence will prevent your dog from doing his business on someone else’s lawn, teach him to respect physical boundaries, and keep him away from neighbor’s children or family members who may not be dog-lovers.

In addition, good fencing can prevent serious issues involving your neighbor’s yard. For example, you don’t want your dog trampling freshly planted flower beds, and there could be harmful plants in your neighbor’s garden. Being conscientious will keep your pup safe and maintain good relations with the people next door.

Although you can certainly DIY a fence, you should probably leave this task up to the professionals. Chances are, there are many qualified fencing companies vying for your money. You want the best possible fence to keep your pup safe!

Be Proactive

Don’t wait for problems to develop regarding your pup; take the time to find out more about your neighbors. Do they own pets? Are they cat people or dog people? It’s important that you know certain details about the folks living near you. If they don’t like animals or are allergic to them, or if there is a more serious issue, such as if their children have an intense fear of dogs, it’s vital that you are aware. The more you know, the more you can prevent or curb any problems that may crop up in the future.

Focus On Training

There are many ways to train your dog, either by yourself or with help. Teaching your dog public etiquette skills on an ongoing basis will mean that he doesn’t chew the leg off your neighbor’s patio furniture at first sight if he happens to get into their yard.

If your Fido already knows better, he is less likely to misbehave when in public places.

If you plan to train your dog, do a local search and sign up for an obedience class. Not only will it assist with any behavioral problems, it will also facilitate a stronger bond between you and your dog.

Keep A Clean Yard

Dog poop in your yard doesn’t just affect your living conditions; the sight and smell also affects those around your property. Make sure you regularly clean up your yard when removing your dog’s messes and double wrap it before you place it in your outside garbage cans, which will assist with smells that may be coming from your yard.

If you can't seem to find the time or have the ability to maintain a clean yard by yourself, please consider hiring a service to take care of this chore for you. Poodini Pet Waste Removal would be happy to help you maintain a clean and sanitary yard!

Be Patient With Dogs And Neighbors

Most people know your dog is as much a part of your family as any member who walks on two legs, but it’s always possible that you’ll have to be patient with insensitive or downright unfriendly nearby residents. As a conscientious dog-owning neighbor, you not only have to deal with your furry partner, you must also cope with potentially difficult neighbors and unwarranted complaints. These problems can be very stressful.

Keep in mind that if you find there is simply too much friction, or you and your dog just need more space, you can always find a home to rent that allows pets and is in a more pet-friendly area. If you’re looking for a new place to live, you can visit sites like, which lists almost 900 Tempe apartments for rent, many of which are dog friendly.

Keep in mind that if you find there is simply too much friction, or you and your dog just need more space, you can always find a home to rent that allows pets and is in a more pet-friendly area. Keep your head about you when training your pooch because it will take time for Fifi or Fido to grasp new concepts and learn new behaviors. Training pets takes time and persistence, but the long-term benefits to you and your community make the effort completely worthwhile.


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