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How You Can Travel with Your Pet Painlessly and Cost-Effectively

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Guest blog by Jessica Brody of Our Best Friends

Traveling is a pleasurable pursuit, but just imagine how much more enjoyable it would be to have your adorable, furry companions along for the ride. While it does seem delightful in theory, reality can be the exact opposite. After all, you’re essentially taking your pet out of their comfort zone, which can prove to be problematic in many ways, ranging from behavior issues to cost. However, this is not to say that it’s impossible to do so. With some old-fashioned travel planning and some mindful measures, you can gallivant with your pet to your heart’s content successfully — and without breaking the bank, to boot.

Traveling with Pets

Choose a Pet-Friendly Destination

As much as we like to think that all destinations are pet-friendly ones, this isn’t always the case, surprisingly enough. In fact, there are still many accommodations and establishments that won’t take you in when you have a four-legged companion in tow, which is a real shame. So, if you and your pet don’t want to be turned away at the door, it’s very important to do your due diligence in advance to find out exactly how welcome your pet will be at your destination of choice, as well as any corresponding fees for the honor.

Think Comfort

Because you’re the one doing all the travel planning, your plans will likely be geared toward your own personal whims. As a result, your pet’s needs may be overlooked without your attention, which is why it’s really a must not to lose sight of them.

For instance, you might have a lengthy plane ride in front of you. While it’s all well and good for a human, you really have to consider what this might be like for your pet. Generally, air travel can be quite dangerous for an animal, especially in the plane’s cargo hold. It’s important, therefore, to really take great pains in finding an airline that allows pets in the cabin, which, thankfully, there are more of these days. This will generally be leveraged as a fee, so again, do your research to find the best possible deals so you and your pet can fly in comfort.

Pack the Essentials

Finally, be mindful of what you pack. In fact, your pet will need almost as much stuff as you do, if only to have the creature comforts that keep them calm and comfy throughout the trip, so it’s important to know what to pack for them. Food and treats are, of course, at the top of the list. In fact, you will want to keep their diet as normal as possible to avoid unpleasant incidents while you’re on an adventure. This is especially true if your cat is sensitive to food; ensuring you have the right one for your pet may take a little research on your part, but it’s worth the extra effort in the end. Also, an extra leash and collar with your contact information are also must-haves, as are waste disposal bags, a brush or comb, moist towelettes, and the like.

Toys are also very important to keep your pet entertained during long hours on the road. Make sure to go for dog or cat toys that are durable enough to withstand vigorous play, as well as one that’s within your budget. Ultimately, packing these in advance will not only ensure that your pet has everything they need, but also help keep your travel budget intact.

Suffice it to say, traveling with your pet will have an assortment of challenges, but more often than not, these will be surmountable. For sure, the fun and memorable experiences you will get out of the bargain will be more than worth the little bit of extra expense and effort.


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