Poodini Pet Waste Removal:

Your Neighborhood Pooper Scooper!

Poodini Pet Waste Removal | Dog Poop Pick Up

The Magicians of Dog Poop Removal

You love your dog, but you don't love picking up after them.  Sometimes, you wish you could just wave a magic wand and *POOF*  the dog poop magically disappears! Unfortunately, dog poop clean up doesn't work that way...or does it?


Poodini Pet Waste Removal has been making dog poop disappear from the East Valley for more than 10 years! We know a thing or two about dog poop removal and would be happy to clean and haul the canine waste from your yard.

We are fully licensed and insured. All of our technicians are trained professionals and we are active members of the Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists and the National Organization of Professional Pooper Scoopers.


So maybe you don't need a magic wand to get your dog poop picked up, but one call (or email) to Poodini Pet Waste Removal will get the job done!  Poo happens...We make it disappear!

More than just dog poop removal...

Yes, our primary business function is to pick up dog poop and leave our customers with a clean and sanitary yard.  We have been proudly scooping Ahwatukee, Apache Junction, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, San Tan Valley, Tempe, Queen Creek and surrounding areas since 2007. However, Poodini is so much more than that!


We love being a part of the communities we serve. Beyond our dog waste removal, we are actively involved in community events, fundraisers, and all things dog!  Having partnered with local businesses such as Pet Planet, RunBuddy Mobile, Zzeek's Pizza, Vardhan Brothers Dry Cleaners, Jay Pages Jiu-Jitsu Academy, and others, we are able to give back and do some good for the community!


We created the Poodini Pals Toy Drive to raise toys, food, treats, and other needed supplies for the dogs at the MCACC Shelters, Arizona Animal Welfare League, Pittie Me Rescue, Four Paws and Friends, the Police and Paws Project, the Eastside Elves and other local rescues in need of support!

Dog Poop Removal
Poodini Pals Toy Drive
Poodini Helps Shelter Dogs

***If you would like to donate or inquire about the toy drive, please contact us at toydrive@poodini.com***

Meet Our Team!

Mike Casten
Dog Poop Pick Up Gilbert, AZ

Mike is an avid dog lover and a born entrepreneur. In Poodini Pet Waste Removal, he was able to bring his passions together and provide a service in which he could support his family AND get to see dogs every day! 


In the beginning, Poodini was a one man poop scooping gig, but Mike grew it into a sustainable business and uses the platform to promote community driven projects to support dogs in need of a good home.  

Spencer Paskett
General Manager
Dog Poop Pick Up Tempe, AZ

Spencer is the General Manager of Poodini Pet Waste Removal. He has been an integral part of the business from the beginning and handles our day to day operations.

Spencer's cheerful personality and genuine adoration of dogs makes him the perfect fit for the Poodini family. His enthusiasm is contagious as he always shows up ready to work and with a big smile on his face!

Justin Truesdale

Justin is a hard worker who loves being around dogs. He previously served in the military and knows what it takes to get the job done. He is dedicated to making sure that our customers are satisfied with the service they receive.

When Justin isn't out on his Poodini routes, he spends most of his time with his two young boys and his rescue dog. He is the epitome of a hard working family man!

Kyle Benson

Kyle has grown up around dogs his whole life and absolutely adores them. He loves to dish out belly rubs every chance he gets!

When Kyle isn't out scooping yards, he likes to spend his time being active outdoors or cuddling up with his own pups at home. We are thankful to have Kyle as a part of the Poodini family.

Maclaine Mayo

Maclaine is eager to work and always has a smile on his face. He enjoys being outdoors and loves making new furry friends whenever possible!

When Maclaine isn't out scooping yards, he is typically busy doing school work, spending time with his family, or playing with his own pack of dogs at home (he has five of them!).

Tristan Romney

Tristan came to work for Poodini because he just simply wants to be around dogs. He had a poodle and a lab growing up but currently is unable to have pets where he lives now.

Tristan is excited to get out there, keep everyone's yards clean, and make lots and lots of new friends!

Jason Hart

Jason joined our team while attending school. He thought it'd be a great way to make some money without taking too much time away from his studies. But what really appealed to him was the opportunity to get to be around dogs!


Jason absolutely loves dogs but is unable to have one at the moment due to his current living situation. He is very excited to make lots of new friends on his routes and dish out some belly rubs!

Megan Sweeney

Megan is an absolute animal lover. She literally loves all of them! She is an Arizona native, loves being outdoors, and doesn't mind the heat.


Megan currently has two dogs at home that she loves more than anything in the world. She is really excited to make lots of new friends on her routes and is excited to be a part of the team!

Jess Garcia

Jess is a hard worker who isn't afraid to get down and dirty. She enjoys being outside, loves dogs, and is always ready to get to work.


Jess has a Dachshund of her own at home but is really excited about making more four-legged friends on her routes. She promises to give out the best belly rubs to all of her new friends!

Kevin Frecker

Kevin is an avid dog lover and has had dogs his whole life. He currently has a beautiful Lab mix at home that he rescued several years ago and the two are quite bonded.


In addition to hanging out with his dog, Kevin enjoys being outside and really doesn't mind the Arizona heat. He is excited to make lots of new friends on his routes and certainly isn't shy when it comes to dishing out belly rubs!

Johnny Carrillo

Johnny is an all-around animal lover. He has had pets his entire life including dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, and many others. He currently has two little dogs at home but is always happy to make new friends!

When Johnny isn't out keeping yards clean for Poodini, you might find him slinging your favorite coffee drink or just hanging with friends and family. He is excited to be a part of the team and we are happy to have him!

EJ Del Toro

EJ loves dogs, both big and small. She has a Lhasa Apso mix of her own at home but is still a sucker for the large breeds, melting when she sees them. She swears that she gives the best belly rubs out of anyone on our team (but that may be up for debate with our crew!).

When EJ's not out keeping everyone's yards clean and fresh, she is usually busy with her college studies or just hanging out with friends and family.