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Make moving easy, even with a pet!

Guest blog by Jessica Brody of Our Best Friends

Moving is a complicated process that involves a lot of moving parts. However, when you’re moving with a pet in tow, this process can become a bit more complicated. That said, you can still make this move as painless as possible if you plan ahead and follow the steps and suggestions below.

Adjusting to your new pooch

Have Vet Records Transferred

Find a new veterinarian before or as soon as you move. It helps to ask people who live in your new area who they might use. You can also search for veterinarians on the internet or ask your current vet for recommendations. Once you've located a new veterinarian, be sure to have your pet's medical records transferred. If your pet needs its shots updated or hasn't had a routine appointment in a while, this is also the perfect time to schedule a visit.

Research Your New Area in Advance

It's standard to research a new area and look at the school district to ensure your children have a good education and the best possible future. But when you have pets, you must consider their needs as well.

When you're looking for homes, look for homes close to a dog park. Sites like BringFido can help you locate great dog parks in the areas where you’re searching for properties.

The laws where you’re moving may be different than where you are currently regarding your pet's vaccinations. For instance, a rabies vaccine may be necessary for your cat or dog. Research before you get there so you can either schedule the inoculations at your vet's office or book an appointment as soon as you arrive. That way, you'll remain legally compliant.

Obtain Pet Insurance

Before the move, get pet insurance. It'll ease the burden of pet medical expenses. This is especially important as you move and will be seeing a new vet, may need to update your pet's vaccinations, and have a pet that may not handle a move well.

As every pet insurance company is slightly different, be sure to compare your options carefully. Look into the deductible and premium prices, keeping pet care affordable. Compare the coverage levels so you receive the type of insurance most beneficial to your pet based on their needs. As you compare, assess the quotes and also take a look at reviews.

Pet-proof Before You Move Your Pet In

As you're moving in, pet-proof your home. Hide electrical cords behind the furniture. Once you have your items situated, make sure there aren't any spaces your pet could crawl into and become trapped. When you put away any chemicals, including laundry detergents and other cleaning solutions, situate them high enough that your pet can't reach them. The same applies to medications.

Take care to pet-proof your outdoors as well by ensuring there aren't any toxic plants in the yard. You'll also want to block off your pet's access to any outside HVAC equipment.

Keep A Clean Yard

Dog poop in your yard doesn’t just affect your living conditions; the sight and smell also affects those around your property. Make sure you regularly clean up your yard when removing your dog’s messes and double wrap it before you place it in your outside garbage cans, which will assist with smells that may be coming from your yard.

If you can't seem to find the time or have the ability to maintain a clean yard by yourself, please consider hiring a service to take care of this chore for you. Poodini Pet Waste Removal would be happy to help you maintain a clean and sanitary yard!

Plan Ahead for a Smooth Move With Pet in Tow

Planning a move with a pet can be stressful, but you can make it easier by pet-proofing, researching, and planning. It also helps to have pet insurance.

And, of course, before you leave your old home, be sure to hire Poodini to clean your yard!


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