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Poodini's Pet of the Month: Mortimer!

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Every month, we will choose one lucky dog to be featured as Poodini's Pet of the Month. Be sure to check back often to meet all of our favorite furry friends!

Poodini's Pet of the Month // May 2021 // Mortimer

This adorable little guy is affectionately known as Mortimer Barnibus. He is a spunky dog with a bit of a wild side. He just loves to play fearlessly with his brothers, his mom, and anybody who is willing to get a little rowdy with him! When he's not playing, he likes to munch on snacks and take puppy naps. Though still young, Mortimer has already mastered the art of the Corgi sploot and looks unbelievably cute when doing so. This kid is going places!

Poodini's Pet of the Month | May 2021 | Mortimer | Gilbert, AZ

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