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Poodini's Pet of the Month: Hazel!

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Every month, we will choose one lucky dog to be featured as Poodini's Pet of the Month. Be sure to check back often to meet all of our favorite furry friends!

Poodini's Pet of the Month // April 2021 // Hazel

This pretty girl is Hazel. She is a sweet dog with a bit of a wild side. She was rescued as a stray when she was just four months old! Her favorite thing in the world is Grandma, but she does love to boss Grandma around. When she's not following Grandma, she loves to play with her Kong, chase balls (and sometimes even bring them back), bark at dogs on the television, wrestle with her brother, Buster, or cuddle up underneath a warm, cozy blanket. Hazel loves her family and they all love her just as much. Fairytale endings really do happen!

Poodini's Pet of the Month | April 2021 | Hazel | Gilbert, AZ

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