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Poodini's Pet of the Month: Sly!

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Every month, we will choose one lucky dog to be featured as Poodini's Pet of the Month. Be sure to check back often to meet all of our favorite furry friends!

Poodini's Pet of the Month // February 2021 // Sly

Sly is one tough cookie. His mom, Samantha, discovered him as a stray and he was malnourished and in need of some love. About a month after she took him in and nursed him back to health, his original owners were found and Sly went back home with them. A few weeks later, Sly had once again snuck out and showed up on his adopted mom's doorstep. Samantha brought him back to his original owners who quickly realized how much she and Sly had bonded. They offered to let Samantha adopt him so long as they could come visit from time to time. Not soon after, Samantha found out that Sly was suffering from what was believed to be Kennel Cough, but actually turned out to be Valley Fever. Samantha nursed him back to health and he is now thriving under her care. It is safe to say that Samantha and Sly are the perfect match and were absolutely meant for one another!

Poodini's Pet of the Month | February 2021 | Sly | Phoenix, AZ

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