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Poodini's Pet of the Month: Cricket!

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Every month, we will choose one lucky dog to be featured as Poodini's Pet of the Month. Be sure to check back often to meet all of our favorite furry friends!

Poodini's Pet of the Month // June 2021 // Cricket

This three-legged lovable Doodle is Cricket. She was injured as a small puppy which ultimately led to having one of her legs amputated. As her foster mom nursed her back to health, she fell in love with Cricket's charming personality and just had to keep her (we love foster fails!). But don't you dare tell Cricket she is different from other dogs. Despite her handicap, she loves nothing more than to run around and chase her sisters through the yard. She even helped take care of a litter of puppies that her mom was fostering until they were old enough to go to their forever homes. Cricket is a giant cuddle bug with a heart of gold!

Poodini's Pet of the Month | June 2021 | Cricket | Gilbert, AZ

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