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Kentucky and Derby from Amazon's The Pack talk about Poodini!

Do you love dogs? Of course you do or you wouldn't be here reading a blog about dogs, written by a dog loving average Joe who picks up dog poop for a living. Since we've established that you are a dog lover, it would then be fair to assume that you have probably already watched Amazon's The Pack.

If not, you are missing out on an entertaining reality/game show involving people and (you guessed it) their dogs! In similar fashion to CBS's The Amazing Race, the show sends its contestants on an epic race around the globe, forcing them to solve puzzles and complete challenges to advance to the next round. Unlike The Amazing Race though, The Pack teams up players with their dogs, both of whom must work together in order to complete in the various challenges.

Aside from an endless amount of scenes with adorable dogs running in slow motion that never get old, the show offers a real glimpse into the bond between the contestants and their best friends. Obviously, throughout the series, you get to see more and more of their personalities and so it is only natural to feel connected to the contestants and eventually pick out a favorite or two to route for.

Kentucky and Derby from Amazon's The Pack
Kentucky and Derby from Amazon's The Pack

Watching Season 1 of The Pack, I quickly grew fond of a fun-loving, energetic guy and his Goldendoodle from San Diego. I mean, how could you not love a guy and his dog that ride scooters, surf, and have matching blue mohawks? Kioni "Kentucky" Gallahue and his dog, Derby (yes, their names are Kentucky and Derby!) clearly bring each other a ton of joy and have an unbreakable bond. They truly are the perfect match for one another!

So it is only fitting that we were able to get Kentucky and Derby to send us a video, talking about our service as well as our toy drive. Unfortunately for them, San Diego is a bit out of our service area, but for those of you in the Phoenix area, we are here to help! But this article isn't meant to be a shameless plug for our business, so watch the video below and enjoy!

This video is a paid endorsement and does not necessarily reflect the views of Amazon, its employees, or its representatives. It is solely intended for the purpose of entertainment.


We'd like to give a big thanks to Kentucky and Derby for sending us this clip! And if you haven't already, be sure to watch them on The Pack on Amazon Prime Video!

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