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Poodini gives back to his furry friends!

Updated: Mar 5

Poodini Pet Waste Removal does more than just scoop poop. Did you know that we run a toy drive to gather supplies for those dogs living in the shelters and at rescues?

The Poodini Pals Toy Drive collects much needed supplies for the shelter dogs.
Poodini comes to the rescue of homeless dogs! // Photo by Kimberly Carrillo
"According to the World Animal Foundation, approximately 3.1 million dogs enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. The shelters are overcrowded and short on supplies! Many of these dogs will be adopted, but without adequate supplies and care, they may never make it to their forever home."

The Poodini Pals Toy Drive began in 2018 after owner, Mike Casten had purchased 150 dog-friendly tennis balls. To his surprise, he didn't have nearly enough!


"I remember being so excited about purchasing 150 dog-friendly tennis balls and bringing them to the dogs at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control. I walked the facility, handing out a ball to each dog in their kennel. However, I soon realized that I would not have enough. In fact, there were over 300 dogs being housed at this one facility! It was then and there that I realized that I had to do more."


It was after this experience that Mike knew that he needed to do more. Determined to provide more supplies and truly make a difference, he enlisted the help of his customers and they all rallied together to collect as many supplies as they could.


"I knew that I had a platform to make a bigger difference, so I started the Poodini Pals Toy Drive. I asked my customers to donate any toys, treats, blankets, leashes, or other supplies that could help the dogs feel more comfortable in the shelter and ultimately give them a better chance of being adopted. My customers answered the call and I quickly collected several trash bags worth of supplies."


Mike also contacted local businesses to see if he could put up a poster and leave a donation bin. Several businesses jumped at the opportunity to help his cause and the next time Mike went to the shelter, he brought a full truck load of supplies with him! He wanted to make sure that every dog had the supplies they needed during their time at the shelter.


Mike continues to make a difference to this day and could use your help. If you would like to be part of this great effort, please join Mike online at


"Thanks to the love and generosity of so many compassionate people, I have been able to continue to supply the shelter with much needed supplies on a regular basis. Though managing the toy drive can be quite laborious at times, if it helps even one dog to be adopted, then it is totally worth it! I feel very fortunate to be able to help and honestly wish that I could do more. Dogs have been good to me, and I can only hope to be just as good to them!"


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