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Poodini's Owner, Mike Casten, Featured On Canvas Rebel

Recently, our owner, Mike Casten, had the honor of being interviewed by Canvas Rebel for a feature article. He was able to discuss business successes, management style, and the marketing strategies that have made Poodini Pet Waste Removal what it is today. Below are a few noteworthy quotes, but be sure to check out the full interview on

Mike Casten Feeds His Dog

• "When I offer my services to a customer, I want to know that I am adding value to their life and not just swindling them out of their hard-earned money!"

• "In order to successfully do business, you must be able to connect with your customers so that you can understand their needs and find solutions that work for them. Likewise, you must be able to connect with your employees so that you can put them in a position to succeed."

• "Dogs bring so much value into people’s lives but not everyone has the means to take care of them. We provide a service in a niche market out of both necessity and convenience."

• "At the end of the day, I have found that most people want to be respected, appreciated, and treated as a human being rather than just a number. I make sure to thank my team as often as possible."

• "I made it my mission to always go above and beyond to provide a great experience for the customer at an affordable price and make customer service a top priority."

• "I started this business so that I could be my own boss, and ended up being THE boss to a team of people who look to me to make sure their future is just as bright as mine has become."

Please visit to read the full interview and let us know what you think!

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