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Don't be a jerk. Pick up the poop!

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Man stepping in dog poop

As a responsible pet owner, it is important to clean up after your dog. Nothing is worse than those neanderthal types that just sit and watch as their dog poops on your front lawn, leaves a stinky mound of poo at the park, or launches a few turd logs outside of your favorite coffee shop and then goes about their business as if they never saw it happen. Don't be one of those guys (or girls)!

We all know that picking up after your dog isn't fun. In fact, it can be downright disgusting! Leaving your dog's poop behind is not only extremely rude, but it poses health risks and is bad for the environment. On top of that, it is illegal in many communities!

But aside from common human decency, there are several very good reasons why you should pick up and properly dispose of your dog's waste....

• Dog feces contains bacteria and various parasites that can be harmful to people as well as other dogs! Did you know that a dog's poop can transmit diseases such as E. coli, Giardia, and the Parvo virus among others?

• The nutrients and pathogens in dog poop are bad for the environment! Did you know that when dog waste is washed into our waterways, it can contaminate the water, making people or animals who come in contact with it sick? Additionally, the residual nutrients in the poo can stimulate the growth of algae and other not-so friendly aquatic plant life. Contrary to a popular myth, dog feces does not make a good fertilizer!

• Smelly poop can attract the wrong crowd! The foul odor produced by dog waste is repulsive to humans. However, the pungent scent is an enticing aroma to flies, ants, termites, and various rodents. Do you really want those kind of unwanted guests crashing your party?

The bottom line is that dog feces needs to be cleaned up regularly. If you're too busy, physically unable, or just plain don't want to do it, you can always hire a professional dog poop removal company like Poodini Pet Waste Removal to take care of it for you at your house. But out in public, it is up to you to follow these 3 easy steps....

Dog pooping in public

Step 1: Pay Attention and Be Prepared!

It is your responsibility as a pet parent to be aware of your dog and what he/she is doing. Keep an eye out for any landmines that your furry friend might have left behind. Always be prepared with a disposable dog poop bag (or two) just in case.

earth rated dog poop bags

"When there is only a thin layer of plastic between your bare hand and a hot, stinky pile of poop, you don't want to worry that the bag is going to rip or tear! Our friends at earth rated make a quality poop bag. They are leak-proof and even come in a Lavender scent to cover up that canine aroma. I highly recommend that you invest in some of these bad boys for walks, trips to the park, or anywhere else you might need to scoop some poop on the go." ~Mike Casten, Owner of Poodini Pet Waste Removal

You can order your earth rated poop bags on Amazon using this link.


Picking up dog poop

Step 2: Pick Up The Poop!

Use your poop bag (or another dog waste removal utensil) to clean up your dog's feces. Try to collect all of it, or as much as possible, as even small amounts of residue can carry bacteria. Tie the excess slack in the bag into a knot to seal in the pet waste. Take caution not to get any poop on yourself during this process.

Disposing of dog poop

Step 3: Properly Dispose of the Waste!

Once you've done the dirty work, you can place the bagged waste into the proper receptacle. Depending on state or city regulations, you may be able to place it in a normal trash can. If not, be sure to put it a dog waste station or other designated disposal area.

Now that you know why dog poop needs to be picked up and how to properly pick it up, you have no excuse not to clean up after your dog. Don't be a jerk. Pick up the poop!

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