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Introducing a Pet Into Your Work-Life Balance

Guest blog by Jessica Brody of Our Best Friends

Finding a balance between your work life and your home life is a challenge that has been around for many years. This struggle becomes even more difficult when you are establishing a new home business and introducing a new pet into the family. As you work toward creating a balance that works for you, keep a few thoughts in mind.

● The way you prioritize your business and your pet care won't look the same as someone else's.

● Don't place "good" or "bad" labels on your responsibilities. Each task is appropriate sometimes and inappropriate at other times.

● It's okay to "drop the ball" from time to time, but you must intentionally decide which ball is least important.

Working at home with dog

With these ideas in mind, follow these tips to arrange the right work-life balance for you and your new pet.

Schedule Effectively

As the owner of a new business, you already understand the value of prioritizing and completing difficult tasks. Your list of things that must be done is probably very long.

● Schedule obedience training for your pet.

● Find a veterinarian, a pet sitter, and a groomer.

● Contact the pros at Poodini Pet Waste Removal to remove pet waste from your yard.

● Learn the local laws and ordinances surrounding home-based businesses.

● Purchase items you need for your pet and for your business.

● Meet with business peers and potential employees.

A good way to complete each prioritized item is to schedule effectively. Dedicate one day each week or month making your schedule. Start by finding available time, schedule the things that must be completed, and then set aside some time slots for handling emergencies. Give yourself time during the day to take your pet out for potty breaks and for socialization with people and other animals.

Regularly Evaluate Your Tasks

After making your schedule and planning out time to complete your responsibilities, analyze those activities. Look for tasks that aren't useful when it comes to reaching your goals. For example, you may have scheduled time away from your new business to take your pet to the groomer when the sitter could perform that task.

Use Available Resources Wisely

Next, simplify your organization and work. There are many helpful time management, pet care, and other apps that are convenient and effective. Look for devices or gadgets that combine several tasks into a single task. Rearrange your home space to keep your pet close by, so you can provide plenty of supervision.

Convert Your Business to an LLC

Some home-based business owners form a limited liability company. This type of business may give you more time with your pet.

Of course, there are other benefits to forming an LLC:

● Tax advantages

● Fewer risks regarding your personal resources

● Less time spent on paperwork

● More schedule flexibility

Check the rules about LLCs in your state, because the regulations vary from one state to another. Also, you’ll need to appoint a registered agent to act as a go-between when you’re dealing with state offices. However, you don't have to be an expert on LLCs to get started. A professional formation agency can do most of the hard work for you and may help you avoid paying expensive legal fees.

With clear priorities and organized routines in place, you can accomplish your goals even when difficulties arise. It takes years to firmly establish a new business and to successfully train your pet, so be easy on yourself as you press forward.


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