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Poodini's Pet of the Month: Sammie!

Every month, we will choose one lucky dog to be featured as Poodini's Pet of the Month. Be sure to check back often to meet all of our favorite furry friends!

Poodini's Pet of the Month // March 2023 // Sammie

Sammie is a sweet, sweet boy with soft eyes and a big smile. He is a mix of red-nose and blue-nose Pitbull, and we must say, he got the best of both breeds! Sammie is always excited to see us and gets the wiggles every time one of our technicians comes through the gate. When he's not getting all the belly rubs, he loves to play fetch and going for long walks. He is definitely a team favorite for all of our technicians who have had the pleasure of meeting him!

Poodini's Pet of the Month | March 2023 | Sammie | Ahwatukee, AZ

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