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How to Help Homeless Animals in Your Community

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Guest blog by Jessica Brody of Our Best Friends

The number of abandoned or neglected animals can seem overwhelming, and there’s no way one person can save them all. However, it is possible to do your part to help with providing food, shelter, care, and when possible, homes for some of the animals in your community.

Adjusting to your new pooch

Be an advocate for animals

There are many ways to offer your time, talents, and effort to make animal lives better.

● Set up a workplace giving program to support a local animal rescue organization.

● Create and publicize a fundraising event for a shelter or rescue group in your community.

● Offer to help with social media and web pages by photographing animals and posting pictures.

● Contact state or local government representatives about strengthening animal welfare legislation.

● On your birthday, request donations to an animal care group rather than birthday gifts.

● You could design a Facebook ad to publicize the work of local shelters, as well as the initiatives you’re taking to help them.

Volunteer your time and energy

Even if you can’t adopt a pet, there are many ways you can help the animal shelter in your community.

● Offer to walk, play with, read to, and pet animals–you help the animals and the shelter, and have fun, too.

● If you have special skills in training, socializing, or grooming animals, volunteer to do these things.

Help with office work, publicity, or transporting animals.

Help the organizations that help the animals

It’s important to become aware of the resources and groups in your area, as well as places and opportunities to donate.

● You could start your own non-profit organization to raise money for animal rescue.

● Consult the Humane Society International or a local branch of it, for information on ways to help

● Consider Lost Our Home Pet Rescue and similar organizations that help less fortunate humans take care of their pets.

There are so many ways to get involved in helping homeless animals. Some are directly with the animals, others involve donating money, items, or effort, and still, others are about publicizing events and initiatives that will help animals find homes, or at least temporary care. Regardless of your preferences for how you’d like to help, there are places for you, and your contributions will be much appreciated.


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Jessica Brody created Our Best Friends so others could find a place to share stories and photos of their beloved animal companions. Please visit her site for even more images, articles, and pet-related resources.

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1 Comment

Sep 04, 2023

For me, this is quite a touching article, as it makes me think about how to really treat companion animals, because they also act as family members, which is why when we were looking for a puppy and found him in a shelter, After that, the corgi vector changed forever, from that gloomy place, we took it to a real paradise, where it is loved and adored and, most importantly, will never be hurt. Therefore, I want to appeal to all pet owners, pay attention to them, even when you can't go in yourself, just know that 10 minutes will not make a difference for you, but for your pet, it will be a real fairy tale.

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