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Arizona's Top Dogtographer

Business Spotlight: Good Vibes Dogtography

In this edition of our Business Spotlight, we want to showcase Good Vibes Dogtography, an award-winning photographer who specializes in everything dog! From commercial photography to pet portraits to dog parties, Good Vibes can do it all.

Dog portrait by Good Vibes Dogtography

Meet the Artist

Kim Carrillo is the talented artist behind Good Vibes Dogtography. She began her venture into photography as a self-proclaimed "momtographer" because she wanted to capture those special memories of her son growing up. In doing so, she discovered that she had a keen talent and true passion for photography. She decided to turn her passion into a career, going back to school in order to develop the fundamental skills to really hone her craft. It did not take long for others to recognize her talent as she soon became the senior staff photographer for one of Arizona's largest publishing companies!

As time went on, Kim decided that she wanted to take a step back from the media so that she could focus on spending more time with her family. During this time, she continued to do freelance photography, began volunteering for Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (where she adopted all three of her dogs from), and eventually her two worlds combined as Kim realized that her love of photography and of dogs would make for a unique and fulfilling niche to forge her path. Hence, Good Vibes Dogtography was born.

Since then, Kim has dedicated herself to not only mastering the art of photography, but spending countless hours studying dog behavior and training techniques in order to ensure that she properly knows how to handle and interact with any dog in order to establish and capture the perfect connection in her photos. She actively volunteers at the county shelter, works with dog rescues, and advocates for rescue dogs on a daily basis. To merely say that Kim is passionate about dogs is a vast understatement!

So what is it that Good Vibes Photography does?

Commercial Photography

Whether a dog groomer, pet supply store, dog trainer, or a corporate pet brand, having professional images is critical to properly representing your brand or service. Good Vibes Dogtography understands this and is here to help by creating high-quality, stunning images that will leave a lasting impression on your customers. They offer branding/product images, social media content, stock images, and grand opening/event photography.

Commercial photography by Good Vibes Dogtography

Pet Portraits

We all love our pets and consider them to be an integral part of our families. They bring us so much love and joy, so why wouldn't you want to capture all of those special moments with them? Good Vibes Dogtography offers portrait packages as well as print packages so that you can cherish those memories forever. They will even customize a package to suit your individual needs. Don't let those precious memories fade away!

Dog portrait by Good Vibes Dogtography

Dog Parties

Dogs bring us so much joy and it's only fair that we celebrate them. What better way to do that than a dog party filled will fun, love, attention, and of course lots of treats! Good Vibes Dogtography will help you plan the special occasion by offering everything from basic dog parties, Photo Paw-Pups (photo booths), or even a full-blown dog celebration complete with decorations, catering (for both dogs and humans), and customized dog accessories!

Photo Paw Pup by Good Vibes Dogtography

To learn more about Good Vibes Dogtography, book a photo session, or plan your next dog party, please visit their website at

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